We currently have many openings to get involved starting January 2020. Check out the descriptions below and send Julie an e-mail:

Current Openings

Field Assistant| Biological Monitoring


Join Julie in the field for data collection on water quality, sea grasses, invertebrates, and fish in the Gulf of Mexico. 

January 2020

Lab Assistant | Data Collection and Analysis


Join Julie in the lab for microscopy, genetic work, and statistical analysis.

January 2020 

Local Boat Captains & Fishing, and Charter Guides


If you are a boat captain or charter guide from Charlotte Harbor to Florida Bay

January 2020

Mentor Fishermen


Fishermen who would like to join our Fishermen Fridays mentorship program. 

January 2020



Join one of our organizations lead biologists in partnering with local schools to paint environmental murals.

January 2020

Yoga Teachers

@Jess Joy Holt

We are looking for yoga teachers to host yoga sessions on the beach that align their flows with local environmental awareness facts.

January 2020


You are interested in biology, value ecological wisdom, enjoy creating  progressive strategies for ecosystem management, and deeply resonate with the healing abilities of the nature-culture connection.


You want to involved with a mission that has purpose and gain professional and personal skills.


You know that we are all a piece of the puzzle and through partnership we can co-create a better world for all.

There is a unique role for everyone. Contact us today to get involved and share your gifts.